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SET Performance

Fitness-Forward Programming

With SET Performance by your side, we will help you reach your fitness, athletic or sport goals!  Whether your aim is to complete your first 10km race, make an all-star team, walk more comfortably or build an effective team warm up - no matter where you are starting from our step-by-step approach to fitness and exercise will teach you the skills you need to feel your best!

Be it an at home program, program for your gym of choice, or a regular coach guided program we have you covered! Working one on one, or in groups of two, you will learn to use a variety of exercise techniques and tools to help you achieve your goals!

SET Performance Services

Health and Fitness

Move Better for Life

Injury Prevention

Identify Areas of Risk to Prevent New/Repeat Injuries

Group Presentations

Speak to Your Team or Group on Topics Such As Warm Ups, Injury Prevention, and Nutrition

Athletic Performance

Increased Performance for All Your Weekend Activities

Sport Specific Training

Pre, Mid and Post Season Training Programs

Active Workshops

Learn Skills and Techniques in Areas of Mobility, General Warm Up, Sport Specific Warm Up and Post Event Cool Down

Boys During a Sports Practice


Take Your Pick


Program Design

Designed for our previous performance clients, experienced athletes and regular gym goers, over the course of two meetings we will develop a 4-6 week program to help you keep on track and push into new levels of performance!

$750 for 10, $320 for 4

One on One Sessions

Great way to start learning fundamental movements to help achieve your fitness goals! Also, an option for those looking to adjust existing programs, learn new skills, or  would like a refresher after an extended period of time off due to injury or circumstance.

Please Inquire


Wanting to help your team or organization better prepare for the coming season? Looking for a team bonding event? Workshops are an excellent way to learn new skills in a fun, active environment!

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