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Jonathan Ritchot

Bachelor of Athletic and Exercise Therapy

Certified Athletic Therapist

Strength and Conditioning Specialist

Practicing Kinesiologist


Reconditioning Practitioner

Jonathan is a two sport Collegiate athlete, chef, husband, and father to two rambunctious daughters. In his spare time he loves hiking, trail running, weight lifting and of course Dad Jokes!

With a strong belief in the fitness-forward approach to rehab and training, you can rest assured your progress won't stall or plateau. His blend of tradition Athletic Therapy, Strength and Conditioning and Neural Reconditioning techniques allow for greater levels of both rehabilitation and performance. 

For clients living with long term pain and needing a gentler, empathetic approach, Jonathan's lived experience, plus courses in Pain Science, lead to an approach that help clients understands the relationship between Biology, Psychology and Sociology to help reframe your approach to pain management and discover new opportunities for movement.


Christopher Frary

Registered Massage Therapist

Christopher has many years of experience working with various orthopaedic, neurological, and systemic conditions, as well as those with chronic pain.


His intention is to be specific while maintaining a holistic approach and tailors each treatment to the individual. Treatments can be either lighter or deeper in pressure, utilize various passive modalities and often incorporate active techniques depending on what is needed that day.

Since graduating in 2010 from West Coast College of Massage in New Westminster, Christopher has worked both clinically and as a college Instructor in Vancouver and the lower mainland prior to moving to Vancouver Island. He continues  his passion for teaching future RMTs by instructing clinical sciences part-time at the WCCMT Victoria campus while maintaining his clinical practice here in Sooke.

Christopher has always enjoyed an active lifestyle and since moving to Sooke he continues to stay active in his spare time with biking, soccer and exploring the outdoors with his family.

Sheena Lunge - Head Shot 2023.jpg

Sheena Lunge

Certified Athletic Therapist 

Bachelor of Athletic and Exercise Therapy 

Sheena is a lover of the great outdoors and has an endless curiosity for all things in nature. She is a mother to 3 adventurous little girls and can be found exploring the trails of the west coast, gardening, hiking, and camping.


She has always been drawn to the extraordinary complexities of the human body and is committed to a lifelong journey of continuous learning to provide the best possible care for her clients.

Growing up, Sheena played elite soccer, allowing her the opportunity to travel the world doing something she loved. Physical activity has always been a part of her life and she strongly believes that correct movement is essential for injury prevention and recovery.

With a holistic approach, she creates personalized treatment plans, focusing on active rehabilitation and manual therapy techniques. Educating is an important aspect of her program that allows her clients to feel comfortable with their recovery process both during sessions and at home.

Sheena has worked with a diverse clientele ranging from varsity athletes, injuries sustained in motor vehicle accidents, and to anyone who just needs extra support getting back to doing the things they love.


Megan Bledsoe



Master’s of Physical Therapy

Bachelors of Science in Exercise Science

Functional Dry needling/Intramuscular Stimulation (FDN/IMS)

Megan received her Master’s degree in Physical Therapy from UBC in 2011, after having studied Exercise Science at the University of Akron in Ohio. Her passion for learning has drawn her into many course and certifications around strength and conditioning, running, movement development and orthopaedics. She is also certified in Functional Dry Needling/Intramuscular Stimulation (FDN/IMS). Megan is a very hands on physiotherapist, using a combination of manual therapy and exercise to take her clients to the next level and reach their goals. Megan has always been drawn to athletics and the development of movement. She has played most sports including volleyball, soccer, floor hockey, dance and basketball however pursued softball as her main athletic. She played professional softball in Europe and competed on the Canadian National Softball team. She takes every opportunity to be outside, enjoying time with her husband, two daughters and their dog. Megan continues her passion for development of young athletes though coaching her daughters’ sports teams.

nile jpeg.jpg

Nile Reinartz

Registered Acupuncturist

Nile's pursuit of defining health has been a part of his path from a young age, moving through many physical endeavors such as individual and team sports, becoming a guide in extreme adventure sports, surf guiding, skydiving, search and rescue, forestry fire, commercial fishing, sport fishing, rope access work, physically taxing labor work, personal training, CrossFit coaching, and fitness. On this path, the intersection between nutrition for fueling performance, training for stamina in physicality, and mental agility became a part of his personal and professional practices.

 The inevitable toll that these endeavors take on the body is the outcome of many of these pursuits. Nile has sustained injuries and undergone surgeries over the years of pushing physical boundaries. Understanding the mechanics of the body, the possibilities of the body, and the body's ability to repair itself has been a passion for Nile as he pursues his own goal of holistic health. Injuries are inevitable; recovery is possible; prevention is education.

Nile brings a holistic approach to his Acupuncture treatments through his vast knowledge gained from his history in fitness, labor work, and extreme hobby sports. Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine have provided successful outcomes in Nile’s health journey since the age of 14. He has experienced the effectiveness of these modalities in managing injuries and internal health issues throughout the years. When Nile decided to pursue Traditional Chinese Medicine as a career four years ago, it was after careful consideration that this work mirrored his values for growth and knowledge. He knew that this was a career where he could continuously learn, and regardless of the direction within the branches of Chinese Medicine, there is endless opportunity for growth and information. Not only that, it was a career where he could apply his knowledge from all of his previous careers to heal, sustain, and improve the body and mind.

Nile's treatments focus on optimizing performance, recovering from injuries, pain management, and addressing repetitive work strain using a sports medicine acupuncture approach. Nile’s approach also encompasses mobility and movement analysis post-treatment to activate effective patterning - retraining movements for ideal performance, whether that be in fitness, sport, or maintaining an active and mobile lifestyle, regardless of age.

Bio Pic.jpg

Rachel Houghton

Registered Massage Therapist

Rachel graduated from the West Coast College of Massage Therapy at the Victoria campus in 2022. Although a recent grad, this is her second career. Rachel is also a journeymen welder who worked for several years in oil and gas and commercial transport so understands what the body must endure in physically demanding jobs. 

Personal experience with a TBI lead Rachel to the field of massage therapy and persistent migraines and headaches have given her a unique insight into chronic pain. Her treatment approach is fluid and informed by each individual with a general goal of productivity while meeting the patient where they’re at. She has taken additional training for the interior treatment of the TMJ and has experience working with the neurodivergent community.

Rachel has a background in completive gymnastics, football and boxing and now spends time doing hot yoga, pilates and hiking with dogs. In her free time she enjoys reading, visiting with family and friends, travelling, and combing the beaches for all the best rocks.

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